Peter Terium welcomes Dutch Royal couple at wind farm Noordoostpolder

Today Dutch King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima visited the Northeast Flevoland. The royal couple visited the cities Urk, Nagele and Dronten. Peter Terium, CEO of innogy SE, welcomed the royal couple at wind farm Noordoostpolder on behalf of the operators of the wind farm. During the visit, the King talked with the initiators and directly involved parties in this extraordinary wind project.

Site visit
Along the dikes of the IJsselmeer on the west side of the Noordoostpolder is one of the largest wind farms in the Netherlands with a total of 86 wind turbines onshore and in the water. The park is a local initiative with three project partners: around 100 agricultural families united in NOP Agrowind and Westermeerwind and innogy. In a round table session, the developers of the wind farm have informed the royal couple about the realization of the Noordoostpolder wind farm. Patrick Lammers, CEO of Essent and representative as Country Chair innogy Netherlands, informed the King about the specific details of developing Noordoostpolder wind farm. After this conversation Cees Tolsma, President of the Association Windenergie Noordoostpolder, and innogy CEO Peter Terium accompanied the king's couple to the dike to pay a visit to the 86 turbines wind farm.


Peter Terium, CEO of innogy SE
"It is a great honor to welcome the King and Queen of the Netherlands at this particular wind farm. The Noordoostpolder windfarm is an important step in building an ecologically and economically sustainable energy system for which innogy stands for. As one of the major onshore wind operators in Europe, I’m pleased that we contribute together with our partners in this project to the goals stated in the Dutch energy agreement "
Peter Terium, CEO of innogy SE

Wind farm Noordoostpolder
The 429 megawatts wind farm with a total capacity of 86 wind turbines are developed and maintained by different partners. The turbines are installed onshore along the coastal dike and just outside the coast in the IJsselmeer. The combined production of the 86 turbines is sufficient to supply approximately 400,000 households annually with green electricity. innogy and the local companies NOP Agrowind and Westermeerwind each developed their own part in the complete project wind farm Noordoostpolder. innogy maintains 12 onshore turbines of the in total 86 turbines.