LIVISI starts new operating business

  • New innogy subsidiary runs an international platform for the Internet of Things
  • Bundling of digital services and competencies
  • Online retailer OTTO becomes new partner

Livisi, the platform recently set up by innogy for the Internet of Things (IoT), officially starts operating as a company in its own right today. In forming this spin-off company, innogy is taking the next step in its development of innovative platform services. Livisi combines the expertise and experience of the pioneer in the German IoT market with the creativity and innovative strength of a modern digital company.

The name Livisi was coined from the English words “live easy”, which encapsulates one of the core concepts of the fledgling company. As Martin Herrmann, Chief Operating Officer Retail for innogy SE says: “An incredible amount is happening in the Connected Home market right now. The Internet of Things is experiencing a real revolution. There will always be a market for networked, digital services. Livisi allows us to focus on developing those data-driven services – in a totally transparent space where all customers are in charge of their own data. We want to bring intelligent technology and services into the everyday world of our customers to make their lives simpler and more connected.”

Livisi offers a so-called “open IoT ecosystem” – a central, high-performing infrastructure that connects services and hardware securely and reliably and provides an interconnected network for various sectors. It is a space where partner companies can collaborate at the digital level with market leaders and the creative heads of all kinds of different segments. The Livisi team ensures the maximum possible added value for all involved by providing strategic and technical advice. As Dietrich Gemmel, Head of B2C Germany at innogy explains: “Our partners will be able to offer their customers completely new value-added services. In addition, we will give them access to existing and new users of the digital home services of all partners.”

This includes, for instance, intelligent steering of products like robot lawnmowers, which can guarantee the perfect lawn by taking into account local weather forecasts. Or remote control of garage doors, which open when a courier package needs to be stowed securely. The potential application areas are almost infinite, from insurance and energy supply to smart cleaning services. “We are in talks with many companies and have already started the first pilot projects. With this platform, we can give companies completely new sales opportunities and the chance to raise their digital profile,” says Olaf Schindler, Head of Data Driven Business Models at innogy and CEO of the new GmbH.

With immediate effect, Livisi will be collaborating with the Hamburg online retail giant OTTO, which is greatly expanding its IoT activity alongside its website. While Livisi runs the IoT platform, OTTO – with its new IoT service “OTTO ready” – will, almost automatically, ensure Livisi users always have the batteries they need for their Smart Home devices. In addition, OTTO will be selling Smart Home control centres and a number of compatible components such as heater thermostats, switches and sensors and will be developing further fully integrated services with Livisi. In doing so, OTTO will be boosting the market for Smart Home products while applying a fully data-protection-compliant solution.