innogy wins “Health and Safety Oscar”

  • Professional association BG ETEM awards prevention prize for occupational health and safety
  • innogy successful with innovative health and safety game
  • Occupational health and safety take top priority at innogy

Sustainable action is one of innogy’s corporate principles. innogy considers safety at the workplace and promoting the health of all employees as top priority and they are actively driven forward by the management. An integral part of the corporate culture at innogy is regular health and safety instruction by managers to their teams. In addition, the company organises training sessions and workshops in order to focus attention on occupational health and safety.

A playful approach to learning makes things easier. With this in mind, innogy developed a game called “Safety Academy – No Risk. Have Fun.“ that quickly teaches employees the ABC of occupational health and safety. The professional association “Berufsgenossenschaft Energie Textil Elektro Medienerzeugnisse” (BG ETEM) is convinced of the benefit of this approach to teaching the topic. The association awarded innogy the industry prevention prize 2018 in the category “energy and water management” for the company’s commitment to occupational health and safety.

Arno Hahn, CHO and Labour Director of innogy SE: “I am delighted that our innovative occupational health and safety game has received this prize. At innogy, we are constantly looking for new ways to continuously improve, and that goes for occupational health and safety too. In line with the motto ‘safety first’, the wellbeing of our over 43,000 employees takes top priority for us. Regular occupational health and safety instruction is essential. For the administration staff, this took the form of classroom-type training in the past. Our new prevention game now shows that this quite serious and dry topic can also be fun. Many employees have already participated in this interactive training – with an overwhelming response. And a number of other companies have also inquired about it.”

“Safety Academy – No Risk. Have Fun.” is a question-and-answer game developed by innogy with 250 questions about all aspects of occupational health and safety for up to 20 players, and it features interactive elements. Players have to correctly answer questions from various categories. For example, a question on the topic of office safety is: Why shouldn’t multi-socket power strips be connected with each other? Or in the emergency management category: How do you prevent the spread of fire/smoke within the building? In addition, there are interactive elements with actions that can be taken in connection with occupational health and safety. For example, how to properly apply a bandage. In future, questions and actions relating to environmental protection will be added. The game set consists of a classic board game and a floor version. The floor version for larger teams can even be played outdoors. The game lasts around 1.5 hours.

For more information on occupational health and safety at innogy, please refer to the Sustainability Report 2017 at