innogy goes on e-mobility offensive in Poland

  • eCarSharing with 500 electric cars in Warsaw

  • Simultaneous large-scale development of charging infrastructure

  • Investment in fastgrowing market

innogy is now going on the e-mobility offensive in Poland. At the beginning of April, innogy Polska will launch the largest eCarSharing offerings in Poland – and probably one of the largest also in Europe. In a few weeks’ time, Warsaw citizens will be able to use 500 electric BMW i3s.

Martin Herrmann, COO Retail innogy SE
As a pioneer of e-mobility, innogy is promoting it on an international scale. We are developing new business models for our company which also greatly benefit citizens and customers. This groundbreaking project will turn environmentally friendly e-mobility into something that everyone can enjoy.
Martin Herrmann, COO Retail innogy SE

innogy Polska already operates more than 30 charging points in the Polish capital, and 30 supercharging points dedicated to innogy eCarSharing service will be added at the beginning of April. In cooperation with an international bank and in close collaboration with Warsaw City Council and other partners, several hundred additional public charging points are expected to be built over the next two years. Filip Thon, CEO innogy Polska: “Within pilot project, we have been successfully testing eCarSharing with employees and customers. Now we want to get citizens in Warsaw interested in and on board with this future-oriented form of mobility.”

The offering is primarily aimed at citizens who are interested in innovation and to whom the issue of sustainability is important – these could be private customers but also corporate customers and tourists. There are currently around 1,500 car-sharing vehicles in Warsaw. innogy expects this number to double in the next two to three years, with e-mobility taking on a leading role in future.

Eight employees of innogy Polska are exclusively responsible for eCarSharing. Numerous services, such as fleet management (provision, relocation, cleaning, etc.) and helpdesk, are rendered by external partners.