innogy expands domestic cooperation with Tank & Rast

  • innogy takes over operation of fast-charging stations at 103 locations

  • Partners sign long-term cooperation agreement

  • Rapid EV charging offered at motorway service areas

innogy is to take over the operation of EV charging infrastructure for Tank & Rast in a nationwide network with a current total of 103 locations. The energy company and motorway service area operator have finalised a long-term cooperation agreement. All electricity for EV charging that is provided at fast-charging stations operated by innogy is exclusively generated from renewable sources. This fully utilises the advantages of emission-free mobility for the climate and the environment.

Peter Terium, CEO of innogy SE
“We have set ourselves an ambitious target and we will deliver. As one of the leading solution providers for e-mobility, innogy is laying the groundwork for green mobility in Germany and around the world. We are thoroughly committed to the realisation of this idea of a carbon-neutral future in road transport. The comprehensive network of charging stations and the appropriate charging technology that we provide are the cornerstones of electric mobility.”  
Peter Terium, CEO of innogy SE

Thanks to the impressive expansion of the fast-charging network, drivers of E-vehicles will also be free to use the motorways without any concerns, explains innogy’s chief sales officer, Martin Herrmann:

Martin Herrmann, COO Retail of innogy SE
“With fast charging now available on the motorways, long distances are no longer a problem. Nobody has to worry anymore about coming to a standstill on the road because of a flat battery. We are turning our vision of electric mobility into reality – in the best interests of not only our customers, but of all people and the environment.”
Martin Herrmann, COO Retail of innogy SE

From north to south, east to west – with rapid recharging available throughout Germany, driving along any route in the country is now more convenient.

Elke Temme, Leiterin des Bereichs eMobility der innogy SE
“The distribution of our fast-charging stations is compatible with the battery ranges of current electric vehicles. All charging stations will offer the full range of available connectors so that anyone can easily access the service. Drivers of electric vehicles can use the fast charging stations at Tank & Rast locations at any time without the need for a contract and simply pay using PayPal or a credit card.”
Elke Temme, Leiterin des Bereichs eMobility der innogy SE

Half an hour’s worth of charging – or the equivalent of “filling the tank” – costs EUR 7.50. Drivers can select the charging time in advance down to the minute. The standard connector types are available: CCS standard (Combined Charging System), Chademo and type 2 connectors.

As the leading service provider at Germany’s motorways, Tank & Rast is building up a high-speed charging network and equipping its 400 or so locations with the latest fast-charging stations, such as the one at the Tank & Rast service area at Fürholzen West on the A9 in the direction of Munich. According to current plans, as of September 2017 travellers will be able to use the high-tech fast-charging stations here to fill up their electric vehicles for the rest of the journey. These four charging stations, installed and operated by innogy, are sophisticated facilities.

innogy currently operates around 5,800 charging points, making the innogy network of charging stations one of Europe’s largest. The company has added a large number of charging stations over the past few years and continues to expand. As a total service provider, innogy offers compatible charging technology and services: for public areas, for corporate vehicles or for private use. An electric vehicle should always have the option of recharging when it is already parked.

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