innogy and Kelag expand fast-charging network in Austria

  • innogy and Kelag to equip four ASFINAG motorway service areas with charging stations

  • Innovative High Power Chargers to provide ultrafast charging

Good news for all e-car drivers: innogy and Kelag are equipping four motorway service areas operated by Austrian ASFINAG with charging infrastructure. Two service areas located in Kärnten, one in Salzburg and one in Steiermark, are each to receive one 175 kW ultrafast charging unit and two 50 kW charging stations. These charging stations are equipped with the full range of standard connectors.

Elke Temme, senior vice president Electric Mobility at innogy
Together with Kelag, we are strengthening our activities on the Austrian market. At each location, we are also offering a charging station of the next generation, which is the so-called High Power Charger. With this charger, a vehicle can be recharged in around 15 minutes. This makes long-distance electric driving simple and convenient. Now there is nothing stopping you from driving south for your holidays from Germany in your electric vehicle.
Elke Temme, senior vice president Electric Mobility at innogy

“Our company currently operates around 180 electric vehicle charging stations in Kärnten and we are one of the leading providers of charging infrastructure in Austria,” said Manfred Freitag, CEO of Kelag. “In cooperation with innogy, we also provide charging infrastructure for households, business and industrial customers as well as public enterprises. The joint project strengthens our commitment to the energy transition and allows us to establish one of the essential conditions for convenient long-distance driving with electric vehicles. In addition to the ultrafast charger, we are also installing two other fast-charging units at the four motorway service areas; we are already operating over a dozen of this type,” Freitag explained.

“E-mobility has to become viable for everyday use – and this is what we hope to achieve on our motorways and our streets with our new superfast charging stations, “ said Karin Zipperer, a member of the management board of ASFINAG. Klaus Schierhackl, also speaking for the Board, said: “These electricity charging stations are the next step towards the future and in the years to come we will obviously be developing an even tighter supply network for our customers.”

innogy has actively advanced the development of cutting-edge charging technologies in recent years. The company offers a wide-ranging portfolio of charging infrastructure and services for fleet operators, retail and business customers as well as the public sector. With around 7,000 networked charging stations, innogy is one of the leading operators of charging infrastructure in Europe.