Supervisory Board of innogy SE: Court appointed new shareholder representatives

Against the background of the change of the major shareholder at innogy SE from RWE to E.ON all shareholder representatives on the Supervisory Board of innogy SE had decided in the Supervisory Board meeting on 19 September 2019 to resign from office with effect from end of 4 October 2019.

Essen District Court appointed now on request by the Executive Board of innogy SE the following persons as members of the Supervisory Board of innogy SE as of 5 October 2019:

  • Thomas Birr, Senior Vice President Group Strategy and Innovation of E.ON SE

  • Susanne Fabry, Senior Vice President Steering Energy Networks of E.ON SE

  • Martin Höhler, Senior Vice President Risk, Accounting & Controlling of E.ON SE

  • Dr Jan Konerding, Auditor

  • Michael Oppenhoff, Lawyer

  • Dr Victoria Ossadnik, CEO of E.ON Energie Deutschland GmbH

  • Prof Dr Klaus Rauscher, independent Business Consultant

  • Dr Marc Spieker, Chief Financial Officer of E.ON SE

  • Dr Johannes Teyssen, Chief Executive Officer of E.ON SE

  • Dr Verena Volpert, Senior Vice President Group Finance of E.ON SE

The Supervisory Board of innogy SE will elect the Chairman of the Supervisory Board from among its members during its next meeting.

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