Quick supermarket stop to fill up on fast electricity

  • ALDI SÜD to build 28 more rapid charging stations close to motorway

  • innogy as technology and service partner once again


Leave the motorway, shop at ALDI SÜD and quickly tank up on electricity while you are there – Germany’s leading discounter is building a rapid charging network along major traffic routes. At a total 28 branches close to the motorway, a 50 KW rapid charging station has been planned for the customer car park. The best part: filling up is free for customers. The first of these new charging points were opened today in Seeheim, Hesse. innogy is the technology and service partner for the charging points.

Martin Herrmann, COO Retail innogy SE
The commitment of ALDI SÜD is ground-breaking. What could be better than using your time to go shopping while your car is at the rapid charging point? Charging infrastructure at companies is of pivotal importance for the success of electric mobility.
Martin Herrmann, COO Retail innogy SE

Most of the 28 new charging points will be in operation by the end of summer. They are located along the motorways A3, A5, A6, A7, A8 and A9. The distance between two ALDI SÜD charging points is never more than 160 kilometres. The result is a comprehensive charging network throughout the ALDI SÜD area.

“In future, drivers of electric cars will be able to drive from Düsseldorf to Munich on ALDI SÜD green electricity alone,” says Florian Kempf, Head of Energy Management at ALDI SÜD. “We previously focused our efforts on urban centres and inner cities. Now we are making it possible for our customers to plan long journeys, such as their holiday travel, with us.” ALDI SÜD has been offering its customers free charging of electric cars at around 50 branches since 2015. innogy was also involved in that project as a partner for the rapid charging points.

The charging points are easy to operate and are compatible with all common connectors: Combined Charging System (CCS), Chademo and the type-2 plug. This way, all owners of electric cars can benefit from the service. Refuelling takes around half an hour depending on the vehicle.

With around 7,250 integrated charging points, innogy is one of the leading operators of charging infrastructure in Europe. Added to this, there are around 13,500 charging points in private or commercial parking spaces and garages. From the north coast of Germany to Lake Constance and from the Rhineland to the Ore Mountains, the company has established the largest charging network in Germany together with more than 170 municipal utilities partners.