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Success for bit.B in the Emirates

  • bit.B ensures efficient energy production internationally

  • Process and energy management system boosts efficiency of PV installations

  • Latest sensor and measurement technology in use

innogy’s process and energy management system bit.B supports the expansion of sustainable power generation using PV installations in Dubai. It was introduced in cooperation with the Dubai Carbon Center of Excellence (DCCE).

The bit.B energy management system has been installed in the town of Hatta, an exclave of the emirate of Dubai, about 100 km to the south-east of Dubai City. The “Hatta Rooftop Solar Initiative” was created to make the town less dependent on oil and more environmentally sustainable. As part of this project, innogy International Middle East and the Dubai Carbon Center of Excellence (DCCE) agreed to introduce the innovative sensor-based solution bit.B.

bit B. is a wireless data intelligence solution that is easy to retrofit. Combining data from sensors and measurement devices makes many different evaluations and analyses possible, creating totally new transparency for the customer’s energy and process management. So, for example, it provides comprehensive information for the Solar Initiative on the best adjustment settings for the PV installations. Defects or weak points, e.g. fouling by sand, can be identified and remedied swiftly, which helps to avoid outages in the further process of optimising the system.

bit.B is, however, capable of doing a lot more than just measuring energy production by the respective PV installations. In Hatta, the system uses further sensor technology to record additional environmental data, e.g. sunlight, wind speed, ambient temperature and relative humidity. A trial is also being performed on a PV installation to measure the temperature of the PV panels. This data makes it possible to monitor and compare the efficiency of the installations in much greater detail, and optimise the way they are controlled as a result.

Following a test period of about six months, the project will be evaluated by DCCE and other local enterprises. The objective is to equip family homes in Hatta and numerous office complexes in Dubai with bit.B and give a boost to sustainable energy production.

innogy International Middle East LLC (innogy IME) is a joint venture between innogy and the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority to spearhead and drive forward the Smart Living transformation. With its Consulting and Ventures divisions, innogy IME is devoted to developing applications for the fields of Smart City, Smart Energy and Smart Business. It is based in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.

bit.B: an employee installs measuring equipment