Smart solutions for the energy system now and in future

  • innogy represented at the industry’s top exhibition, E-world in Essen
  • Focus is on intelligent products and solutions for customers, communities and companies
  • Energy provider is promoting digitalisation in all fields


innogy SE, the leading energy company in Germany, is participating in the E-world energy & water trade fair. From 5 to 7 February, the company will be exhibiting at the Messe Essen, presenting its innovative, digital solutions for customers and business partners such as municipal utilities and corporate customers.

Martin Herrmann, COO Retail innogy SE
Customer needs – both now and in future – are the yardstick for our digital product portfolio. We develop comprehensive solutions that make intelligent home technology, energy and charging technology simple and easy to understand. This is where we are continuing to expand our leading position in the German energy market. With around 7.8 million retail customers, we have been Number One position for the last ten years.
Martin Herrmann, COO Retail innogy SE

innogy is bringing a completely new control unit for smart living onto the market, and presenting this second-generation smart home controller at the E-world trade fair. The controller connects all of innogy’s own products as well as integrated devices by third party manufacturers. As a platform for smart living, innogy’s new control unit in the “innogy SmartHome” range allows for entirely new, flexible forms of cooperation and incorporates services from participating partner companies. This ecosystem for the internet of things has been attracting plenty of attention. It is already compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Philips hue, netatmo or Novoferm and many others. In future, numerous other SmartHome devices manufactured by MEDION as well as eQ-3’s HomematicIP product line will be connectable with innogy’s existing product portfolio and the new control unit.

innogy will also be presenting new energy saving solutions for business customers, for which the company is even promising a savings commitment. Unidentified, untapped potential can often be surprisingly easy to unlock and utilise in ways that are economically viable. innogy’s offer includes an analysis of consumption and the creation of an individual energy concept, as well as its implementation – including energy monitoring – in addition to operation and service.

Technology provider innogy eMobility Solutions is demonstrating its innovative, intelligent new generation of charging stations for the first time. These can be operated completely intuitively. The basis of these new charging solutions is always a docking station, which can either be wall-mounted or installed as a freestanding unit. The new product portfolio of charging stations with up to 22kW of alternating current consists of three different variations. All three variations offer maximum reliability and security. These can be connected to innogy’s intelligent IT system for billing that is precise down to the kilowatt-hour. Retail customers, municipal utilities and corporate customers in every industry will find the most suitable hardware for their needs, in addition to optional services.

The ongoing digitalisation of the distribution grids and modern infrastructure solutions are two of the most crucial issues for the energy industry that innogy is promoting.

The energy system of the future is digital and decentralised. The distribution grids are at the centre of all new developments, this is wheremore than 90 percent of all renewable power plants feed their electricity in. This is where we are developing the charging infrastructure for e-mobility and integrating energy storage systems – this is what even makes the energy transition possible in the first place.
Hildegard Müller, COO Grid & Infrastructure, innogy SE

The modernisation of the infrastructure also brings benefits for municipal residents. Visible from afar, two intelligent streetlights known as smart poles are on display at the innogy booth. Besides providing efficient, cost-saving LED light, these lamps serve as charging stations for electric vehicles, offer public Wi-Fi and even display municipal and local information on monitors if necessary. Additional functions are under development. For example, existing streetlights that are already in use today can be equipped with sensors, allowing them to guide drivers to vacant parking spaces, assess traffic flows as well as environmental data, or protect public safety by means of a built-in intelligent camera technology and an emergency button.


The technological development of streetlights provides local communities with countless opportunities. We can offer local residents a number of ways of making their day-to-day lives easier and improving their quality of life. Together, we want to make towns and communities more efficient, more innovative and more sustainable.
Hildegard Müller, COO Grid & Infrastructure, innogy SE

In preparation for the upcoming Smart Meter rollout, innogy Metering GmbH has already installed around 350,000 high-tech measuring units. In order to give customers genuine added value in this field as well, innogy has developed an original intelligent electricity counter. This counter, known as the MeDa counter, goes beyond the statutory requirements. It includes a transmission module that customers can activate over a receiving unit, giving them access to their usage data from the comfort of their own homes. This provides customers with more transparency over their own electricity consumption and thus allows them to improve their energy efficiency.

An overview of disruptions to the electricity supply is available on the website developed by innogy, This platform provides users with information about power cuts in the region as well as the expected duration of the outage. If an electricity outage is not yet displayed online, the user can report it to the responsible grid operator directly through this site. Currently, displays notifications in the grid area covered by innogy companies energis, EVNG, LVN, Mitnetz, Syna and Westnetz as well as notifications from Bad Honnef AG, ewr Netz, Leitungspartner, Regionetz, Stadtwerke Ettlingen, Stadtwerke Lehrte and thüga. Altogether, already covers a significant share of the German electricity grid.

In the field of renewable energy, everything revolves around marketing and partnerships at the E-world trade fair. As full-service provider in wind energy and one of the largest operators in Europe, innogy offers financial security and fair conditions for mutual benefits in the business of wind energy. To keep on growing, the company is seeking projects, pipelines and cooperation partners throughout Europe, including the area of Repowering.

In the new solar and onshore projects, increasing numbers of new marketing opportunities are arising thanks to established, affordable technologies. For example, in the near future innogy is to start construction of the Nowy Staw 3 wind farm in Poland (12 megawatts) and the solar power plant Alarcos in Spain (50 megawatts), both without any state support.

A dedicated team at innogy is responsible for contracts known as Corporate PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements). Larger corporations are showing increasing interest in sustainability and green electricity is thus a perfect fit. With declining subsidies for renewable energies, cooperation between companies and power plant operators is becoming ever more important. Companies are seeking to protect themselves against declining electricity prices, while innogy aims to expand renewable energies. The Commercial team offers innovative solutions in this regard.