Robot to demonstrate automatic quick charging

  • innogy presents first charging robot

  • Prototype shows future of electric mobility

  • Intelligent charging becoming increasingly important for fleet operators

Reality, rather than vision, will be presented live at the E-world trade fair: a charging robot that connects quick-charging leads to electric vehicles by itself. It is equipped with finely tuned sensor technology and a camera to identify how and where a car is parked. innogy has developed this prototype in a joint research project with the Chair of Mechatronics at the University of Duisburg-Essen. The company will present it at the E-world energy & water industry trade fair in Essen.


Elke Temme, COO eMobility Solutions GmbH
We are working on the technology of tomorrow today. In addition to a growing charging infrastructure, we need, above all, intelligent solutions in order to truly kick-start electric mobility. And that is exactly what we offer our customers: smart charging technologies that make eMobility suitable for everyday operation and, first and foremost, convenient to use.
Elke Temme, COO eMobility Solutions GmbH

Charging robots make sense, particularly for fleet operators. The vehicles are charged according to requirements, every vehicle receives the charge it needs when it needs it, without a person needing to connect it to a charging point. This is already a very conceivable scenario, for example during lunch breaks or at the time of shift changeovers. Therefore, the next generation of quick-charging robots will not just be mobile but will also be equipped with an interface to the drivers’ schedules. On that basis the robot will decide what charge a particular vehicle will need and when there are slots available to charge it and carry out the charging process. In this way, the entire fleet will always be charged in line with planned routes and be ready for the next shift. This reduces investment costs, increases flexibility and makes using the vehicles more convenient.

And, with a view to the future: autonomous driving, commercially and privately, will become more and more a part of the overall picture. While the driver is shopping or at the cinema, the car of the future will drive to the next charging station by itself where a robot will charge it.