Power trading among neighbours per Blockchain

  • innogy and Conjoule make it possible

The energy provider innogy and the startup Conjoule are focusing on digitization and are jointly launching the "Community Network" future project in Mülheim an der Ruhr.The community network platform, designed specifically for this purpose, allows owners of private photovoltaic systems and neighborhood consumers to share renewable energy. The electricity from next door strengthens the local structures and leads to cost advantages due to the proximity.

Consumers include non-self-powered neighbours, local businesses, supermarkets and schools. The blockchain technology allows the exchange of locally generated electricity between the neighbors and creates transparency about the source of each kilowatt-hour generated."We will deploy all our extensive energy industry know-how and are very excited about the results of our cooperation," says Martin Benning from innogy, who coordinates the project.

The participating prosumer households will be equipped with modern measuring devices (smart meters) that measure energy flows in real time. If more electricity is generated within the Mülheim community than can be consumed, the excess green electricity is sold to environmentally conscious customers outside the community. Conversely, the participants are supplied with green electricity from innogy, if the weather does not allow sufficient generation of solar power.