New innogy SmartHome controller sets benchmarks

  • innogy SmartHome second-generation control unit now available from retailers

  • Fast, powefrul and widely customisable


innogy SmartHome brings a completely new control system for smart living onto the market – the second generation of controllers. The control unit is the heart of innogy SmartHome, where all data is securely received and transmitted wirelessly to all connected devices.

Dietrich Gemmel, Head of B2C Germany at innogy
The new control centre will further enhance the attractiveness of the innogy SmartHome system. It is the basis of our platform for connected living, which we are continuously expanding in collaboration with powerful partner companies. As an innovative pioneer in the field of digital solutions, we can now offer our customers entirely new services thanks to this system.
Dietrich Gemmel, Head of B2C Germany at innogy

The second-generation control centre has noticeably shorter reaction times yet boasts a higher capacity. This also applies to the associated app, which has been optimised while still maintaining the same simple, intuitive controls. The app allows users to easily combine their existing innogy SmartHome devices and selected devices from a steadily growing range of manufacturers into a personalised innogy SmartHome system.

Devices that are already compatible include those with the Amazon voice-based software Alexa, Google Assistant, Philips hue, netatmo and many others. In the near future, MEDION Smart Home devices will also be connectable to the existing innogy product portfolio and the new controller. This will give users an even wider range of devices to choose from. The decisive feature enabling the integration of new device families into the innogy platform is the new control centre’s multi-protocol capability. Space for up to four USB connections and pre-installed up-to-date communication protocols make this a particularly future-proof product.

Like its predecessor, the new control centre is easy to set up, requiring just a few self-explanatory steps. The SmartHome system can also be accessed from outside the home over a smartphone or tablet – as well as through spoken commands using digital language services such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

When it comes to data privacy, innogy SmartHome makes no compromises. Communication between the SmartHome control unit, the connected devices and the controls is securely encrypted. The technology for data privacy protection has been certified by VDE, the German electronic technology association. These high standards guarantee the user a maximum level of data security, data sovereignty and transparency with regard to data processing.

The second-generation innogy SmartHome control centre is now available online and from retailers at a price of 149.95 euros.

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