New beginning with Innogy - green, creative and full of energy

  • All of Germany talking about the innovative #restart campaign
  • innogy’s surprising takeover move and first yearly electricity flat-rate in Germany

A new departure into a green energy future – innogy officially launched on 1 September 2016. Now that the company has been renamed, ‘RWE International SE’ will present to its customers and business partners as ‘innogy SE’ from today onwards. CEO Peter Terium: “We are innogy and we’re building the energy company of the future – this is not simply a publicity claim, it’s a promise. We want to be trailblazers for the energy market of the future. With renewable energy, smart grids and innovative solutions for our customers, we want to set standards for the energy transition and far beyond. This is our strategy and we’re determined to implement it.”

The renaming of the company is a further step towards implementing innogy’s new corporate structure. “We have already started to make important decisions for our future growth”, the CEO continued. For example, just a few days ago innogy announced its takeover of German solar and battery specialist BELECTRIC Solar & Battery Holding GmbH (see press release from 29 August 2016). With this move, innogy will immediately become an international player on the market for utility-scale photovoltaic power plants and battery storage technologies. BELECTRIC will not only develop projects and plants for innogy, it will also continue to foster its external customer business. Terium: “This is our contribution towards developing the decentralised, regenerative energy system of the future, in line with our strategy.”

Another example of pioneering technologies is innogy’s shareholding in Dresden-based company Heliatek. This company’s organic, extremely light and flexible solar foils can be integrated elegantly into building facades or laminated onto glass surfaces, thus creating entirely new application opportunities in the solar industry. The unique and multiple-award-winning product features have already been tried and tested in a number of partnerships and initial applications. The next step the company has planned is to expand its production capacity in Dresden to up to one million square metres per year. Terium: “Our early involvement allows us to help shape the market for one of the most disruptive innovations in the area of renewables.”

Retail is also entering the market with new offerings: for example, innogy is launching the first ‘Strom Jahresflat’ (yearly electricity flat-rate) in Germany. The new product, which requires no subsequent payments, feeds entirely off renewable energy sources. The market launch for the ‘Strom Jahresflat’ is scheduled for October 2016.

Although innogy, with around 40,000 employees and a turnover of around €46 billion in 2015, is by no means a start-up company, new paths and mindsets are necessary. The new strategy, ideas and products are the result of an intensive process that began with a simple question: “What would you do if you could start again?”

Advertising placards all over Germany have been displaying this question for the past two weeks. And it’s not only the industry media that have been asking themselves what it’s all about. CEO Peter Terium: “This campaign shows very clearly what innogy stands for: for our ‘restart’we need precisely those things that every individual has to discover within themselves if they want to implement change. You have to be brave, unafraid of change and see more opportunities than constraints.”

The first part of the campaign was already a complete success. On facebook alone, over 85,000 people answered the restart question, shared it with friends or were inspired to start again. The TV advertisement reached 80 percent of the population between the ages of 18 and 39. Famous personalities such as ‘Tatort’ star Wotan Wilke Möring and the band The BossHoss, as well as ordinary people gave thought-inspiring descriptions on video about their personal stories of starting again.

The second part of the campaign will now be launched with TV ads, promotional placards all over Germany and a large-scale internet campaign. The launch campaign answers the question of what the new beginning means for the company. CEO Terium: “With innogy, we have the unique opportunity to start again as a large energy company. We show how we want to shape our new beginning and what we stand for as a company, i.e. renewables, intelligent grids, smart use of energy, clever service ideas and technological progress that benefits people and is fun to be part of.”

At the same time as the marketing campaign, innogy is also launching its revamped website. From now on all customer communication will be channelled through the new address Here, customers can access and process everything to do with their contract in just a few clicks. In addition, they will find interesting and useful information on electricity, natural gas, energy consulting and technology on the website.

From a legal standpoint, nothing will change for RWE International SE’s customers. They will continue to benefit from innovative products and services and can rely on the experience of an established European energy company. The name change from RWE International SE to innogy SE will take effect on 1 September, initially only in Germany. In Poland the name will change on 2 September, in the Czech Republic and Slovakia on 1 October 2016. Further countries will follow in 2017 and the subsequent years.