Meters for quick charging points from innogy and Isabellenhütte

  • innogy once again a leader of innovation with calibration-compliant charging system

  • Development partnership with specialist firm Isabellenhütte

  • Billing by kilowatt hour transparent and fair

innogy and Isabellenhütte are teaming up to develop a DC meter to enable billing by the kilowatt hour at quick charging points. From 1 April 2019, DC meters in compliance with calibration laws will be mandatory at quick charging points. No suitable models have previously been available.

“For drivers, charging systems that comply with calibration laws and bill by the kilowatt hour will mean they pay only for the electricity they actually use,” says Norbert Verweyen, CTO eMobility at innogy. “That’s the fairest solution for the customer. As the pioneer in billing by the kilowatt hour at standard charging points, we want to make the same transparency and fairness available at quick charging points too.”

Innovative developments by both technology companies provide the basis for the new DC meters: a high-precision electricity sensor from Isabellenhütte and the patented procedure for accurate billing by the kilowatt hour from innogy. As early as 2014, innogy obtained approval for its system under Germany’s calibration law and has been using it at its AC charging points since then.

Tobias Wolff, Business Development Manager Energy Supply & Smart Grid at Isabellenhütte Messtechnik, observes: “Our innovative and compact development is not exclusive, and will be available to all interested market players with no need to licence the tamper-proof communications structure that innogy is already using in the field. Since our concept was presented at the Law Group workshop of Germany’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), the response from the market has been huge.” innogy and Isabellenhütte have already submitted a request for certification under the calibration law from PTB, Germany’s National Metrology Institute. Following testing, the devices are expected to be in series production by the second half of 2019.

As a driver of innovation in eMobility, innogy is actively committed to compliance with calibration laws, plug standards and convenient customer services. innogy’s powerful back-end has already networked 7,250 smart charging points in more than 20 countries across Europe and the USA, including 440 quick charging points in Germany. Until billing by the kilowatt hour becomes available in Germany, drivers still pay a fixed session fee for quick charging in the meantime.