innogy successful in first Polish onshore wind auction

  • innogy’s two projects win at auction
  • A total of 85.2 megawatts of planned capacity
  • FIDs planned for beginning of 2019

innogy wants to further expand renewables in Poland. Now, the company moved a step closer to the realisation of new wind assets in this market: Two innogy onshore wind development projects won a tender from the Polish energy regulatory authority in the first onshore wind auction for large installations to support renewable energy projects (remuneration scheme: Contract for Difference). Zukowice onshore wind farm is a 33MW project based in Lower Silesia, Dolice project with a planned installed capacity of 52.2MW, is in Western Pomerania. Financial Investment Decisions (FIDs)for both projects are planned for the beginning of 2019.

Hans Bünting, Chief Operating Officer Renewables of innogy SE
“We already operate eight onshore wind farms in Poland and want to further expand our portfolio there. We are very pleased that both of our projects, Zukowice and Dolice, were successful in Poland’s first onshore wind auction. The market was yearning for the first auction to take place. This was an important step towards sustainable investment fostering Poland´s Energy Transition. innogy has seen significant successes in wind auctions in recent years right across Europe.“
Hans Bünting, Chief Operating Officer Renewables of innogy SE

Renewables market Poland

Wind energy is the most important and most mature renewables energy source in Poland. The country aims to generate at least 15% of electricity from renewables by 2020. As of today, Poland has an installed wind capacity of almost 6GW.

innogy’s wind portfolio in Poland

Poland is an important core market for innogy. innogy already operates eight onshore wind farms in Poland with a total installed capacity of more than 240MW. The wind farms are located in four regions: Nowy Staw is situated near the city of Gdansk, Opalenica in the region of Poznan, Krzecin and Tychowo are located in Western Pomerania, and the wind farms Suwalki, Piecki and Taciewo are situated next to each other in Podlachia in the northeast of Poland.