innogy joins CharIN

  • Support for a global charging standard for electric vehicles

  • Active further development of Combined Charging System (CCS)

innogy is now a member of CharIN e.V. The association was founded by a group of companies including several renowned automakers. Its main aim is to establish the US/European charging standard for electric vehicles – the Combined Charging System (CCS) – as the universal global charging standard. innogy will work together with the group towards the realization of this goal and the continued technological development of the charging system.


Elke Temme, Leiterin des Bereichs eMobility der innogy SE
“Electric mobility cannot succeed on a wide scale without a standardized charging technology. The CharIN initiative provides us with an excellent opportunity to establish the Combined Charging System as an open, internationally recognized high-performance charging standard and to pursue further development towards high power  charging. That is something we want to be part of.”  
Elke Temme, Leiterin des Bereichs eMobility der innogy SE

innogy wants to make charging stations useable for all vehicle types. The Combined Charging System (CCS) combines the Type 2 plug for alternating current charging with the Combo-2 connector for direct current charging. The EU prescribed this type as the European standard in a 2014 directive. According to CharIN, CCS is currently the only technology that can accommodate all types of charging in one product. Thanks to CCS, drivers of electric vehicles can select normal or high-speed charging with alternating or direct current electricity. The fundamental mission of the CharIN group is to make CCS the worldwide standard for charging electric vehicles. The association is also working on a certification system for manufacturers who use CCS for their products.

innogy has already been involved with the standardization of charging options for electric vehicles. Together with over 160 municipal utilities, the company has built up an extensive charging network spanning across Germany and offers national and international access to charging stations with the Intercharge network. innogy is also participating in the development of a high-speed charging network for the German motorways.


The coordination office of CharIN e.V. interviewed Cameron Funk, CEO of innogy eMobility US, about their motivation to join an international standardization initiative.

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