innogy and KÖLBL KRUSE plan new innogy campus

  • New head office creates opportunities for innovative working environments
  • Construction in Essen’s inner city scheduled to start in autumn 2018

The new centrally located, state-of-the-art and sustainable head office of innogy SE will take shape close to Essen’s city centre. Work will commence in 2018, with the first building stage scheduled for completion by the end of 2020. The remaining buildings will follow by mid-2024. The project is currently in the development and approval stage.


Peter Terium, CEO innogy SE
The new campus will be innovative, creative and green – no arid office blocks, but a living space for communication. By embracing the digital future we will make it possible to work together in entirely new and cutting-edge ways. The campus will reflect our guiding principles, and make innogy something that can be experienced: not just for our employees but also for our customers and everyone in Essen.
Peter Terium, CEO innogy SE

“The energy industry is one of the most important factors in the economy of Essen,” says the city’s mayor, Thomas Kufen. “I am very happy to see innogy acknowledge its location in this way. The new development of the innogy campus along Huyssenallee will bolster Essen as a business location for the long term. I’m also very pleased about enhancing the site from an urban planning aspect.”


Uwe Tigges, Chief Human Resources Officer innogy SE
The new campus offers an opportunity to implement a complete, innovative plan, without having to work around the restrictions imposed by existing buildings. The design of the new office spaces is aligned with the latest notions of a digital working environment, which encourage people to work creatively with hardly any hierarchical structures.
Uwe Tigges, Chief Human Resources Officer innogy SE

The new campus will be just a few hundred metres from Essen’s central station and will thus offer excellent transport connections. The design places great emphasis on ensuring that employees can continue to get to work quickly and without complications, especially using public transport.

innogy SE will rent the new office space from the developer and lessor, Essen-based real estate company KÖLBL KRUSE. As part of a multiple commissioning process for the new innogy campus, Hamburg-based architects BAID (formerly BN ARCHITEKTEN jessica.borchardt) won out with their draft proposal: the special aspect of the new campus is that it strives to be perceived as contemporary and cutting-edge, while building on the quality of the urban structures that have grown over time. “This is one of the best sites in the entire Ruhr district,” says Dr Marcus Kruse, managing partner of KÖLBL KRUSE GmbH. “We are proud to be able to take on such a significant urban planning task here in our home town,” adds Stephan Kölbl, likewise a managing partner at KÖLBL KRUSE.

innogy and KÖLBL KRUSE jointly selected the architectural plans that will now be refined and adapted to the special requirements of the project (note for editorial teams: images available on our press pages). The investor will obtain the necessary permits on this basis and will take over the further planning process in close consultation with innogy. The overall plan for the campus covers a site of just under 31,000 square metres and a rental area of about 100,000 square metres. innogy SE will be the main tenant.

In the first stage of construction, at the corner of Huyssenallee and Baedekerstrasse, KÖLBL KRUSE will erect a building of about 18,000 square metres. This part of the site was cleared at the end of 2016, so no further demolition work will be required. This section is scheduled to be completed in 2020. As soon as innogy has taken up occupation of the first construction stage, KÖLBL KRUSE will begin demolition work on the rest of the site, also during 2020. The current plan is to tear down the buildings now being used by innogy along Huyssenallee.