New service for innogy SmartHome with even more functionality

  • IFTTT makes smart living even more convenient

  • Hundreds of possible interconnections

  • International online service

A storm is brewing – the awning retracts automatically, and the shutters go down by themselves. That is only one of the new functionalities that innogy will offer its customers from September . This is made possible by the free IFTTT service. IFTTT is short for “If This Then That” and is the acronym that electrifies fans of automation around the globe. It facilitates “if this, then that”-type interconnections, called Applets, between hundreds of apps and devices available on IFTTT. Initially, innogy will provide several off-the-shelf Applets for you to turn on and try.

With the new innogy Applets, living in an innogy SmartHome has become even more convenient and personalized. For example, you can connect your calendar to your home’s shutters and set them to open later in the mornings on public holidays. Or connect your SmartHome to your phone’s geolocation and set your shutters to close when you leave for work and then open again when you’re near home. In addition, all of your lights and radiators can be turned off every time you leave the house — all without you lifting a finger. Every Applet has an optional push notification that can be sent to inform you of each successful activity.

In order to use the new function, SmartHome customers need to download the IFTTT app for Android or iOS on to their smartphones first. Or they can use IFTTT in their web browser at In any case, they register and log in. Then the IFTTT user account must be linked to the innogy SmartHome account. With a little bit of effort, users can design their own Applets with IFTTT and choose from hundreds of unique apps and devices. Programming skills are not required. Since IFTTT is a service offered by an international community of developers, it is only available in English.