E-mobility wallet: Share&Charge and innogy test payment via blockchain

  • Three month pilot project

  • Customers can pay with the crypto currency "DAI" in the entire German charging station network of innogy

In a three-month pilot project, customers can pay with the crypto currency "DAI" in the entire German charging station network of innogy. 50 Test customers can now register and receive a voucher worth 90 EUR.

Together with the MakerDAO and the Share&Charge Foundation, innogy eMobility Solutions is launching another pilot project on the topic of convenient charging and payment with blockchain technology. "Even if the first hype is over, we still see potential in this technology. Especially for e-car drivers who charge their cars with the practical Plug&Charge standard, payment by blockchain can be an interesting addition to automatic charging”, says Dr. Norbert Verweyen, CTO of innogy eMobility Solutions GmbH.

Dai, created by MakerDAO, is a stablecoin. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and other coins Dai does not fluctuate strongly in value. Stablecoins are tied to a conventional currency such as dollars or euros. This means that the user does not have to worry about fluctuations, nor do they have to convert the price of each payment themselves. “By integrating Dai into their systems innogy and the Share&Charge Foundation are creating new efficiencies for those who want a bigger network of options for charging their car”, said Rune Christensen, CEO of the Maker Foundation. “This use case is another example of the many ways blockchain technology and crypto currencies will create new and better experiences for people every day.”

This connection is made possible by the Open Charging Network, developed by the Share&Charge Foundation and several well-known partners. Using blockchain technology and the open standard used by innogy, the OCPI standard, seamless charging at each charging station is made possible independent of the respective operator. "The emobility market is still in its infancy. This brings with it the great advantage that we in industry still have the opportunity to apply the latest technologies, such as Blockchain. This can help customers not only to get easier access to charge points which is still a challenge but also to significantly reduce process cost for the companies involved", explains Dietrich Sümmermann, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Share&Charge Foundation.

Test customers receive “DAI” vouchers worth 90 EUR and can use them at all innogy charging points in Germany from October to December of this year. Registration starts today under the following Link: