Santa Ana, CA,

Electric mobility: innogy in partnership with BTCpower in U.S.

  • Software made in Germany meets U.S. hardware

  • innogy IT backend connects up BTCpower charging points

  • First BTCPower charging points up and running in U.S.

Interconnected charging networks for optimum customer support – as part of a technical partnership the charging points of BTCpower in the U.S. have been brought together with innogy’s innovative IT backend from Germany. The software has been successfully integrated and the first charging points are working well. Customers visiting the Clayton, MO location of Commerce Bank, a Missouri-based, $25.3 billion regional bank, will now be happy to have access to electric vehicle charging. This smart networking creates great potential: all charging procedures can be managed and coordinated in order to avoid load peaks. And: electricity generated from renewable energy can be better harmonised with electricity sales.

In BTCpower, innogy has gained a further hardware partner for its U.S. business. The partnership gives the company new opportunities in terms of promoting electric mobility in North America and Europe.

State-of-the-art load management has also been an important aspect of innogy’s research for a long time now. For example, the company has had a partnership in this area with the University of California in San Diego since 2015. The main focus of this research is on how to harmonise electricity sales from renewable sources with regard to electric vehicle consumption.

innogy has around 5,700 EV charging points, making it one of the leading operators of charging infrastructure in Europe. In Germany, the company has partnered with over 140 municipal utilities to establish a large interconnected charging network. The U.S. is now following as a further attractive growth market for an electrically mobile future.